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Tooth Extraction this Procedure is Unavoidable and Necessary?

If you feel that something terrible is going on with your teeth, you need to report it to a dentist as soon as possible.

Leaving cavities without treatment can bring you tons of problems. Even when you think that something that small can’t hurt.

Bacteria inside your mouth cause cavities, and if you leave them without the proper treatment cavities spread until they reach the pulp. Once the infection reaches the pulp of a tooth, there is no salvation you’ll require a root canal procedure.

All we know that a root canal in the United States can be costly, especially if you don’t have dental insurance.

A root canal can cost around USD 1,700.00 if you are lucky. Take into account that if the root canal fails, probably you are going to lose your tooth.

If you need an extraction whatever the reason is, you will need to consider some procedures to replace your tooth. Before the tooth extraction, your dentist will do everything in his hands to save it.

However, keep in mind that once a tooth is too damaged, there is no turning back, you will need your tooth out.

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When Surgical Extraction of Teeth Is Necessary

Sometimes Wisdom Molars are Extra Teeth

Extra or supernumerary teeth usually grow right in the middle of the two top front teeth. And these extra teeth can interfere with the alignment of the permanent teeth since they can block your permanent teeth from coming out. If teeth don’t erupt on time, you may need an intervention so a dentist can perform a tooth extraction.

Extra teeth are undesirable because they may cause damage to the neighboring teeth, and also they don’t look good in your mouth. It is better to extract extra teeth, and you should do it in case your child has one or more additional teeth. Sometimes wisdom molars are extra teeth, and probably your dentist will need to extract them before braces.

No matter the reason, extractions can be costly in the United States and also Canada, especially if you need several removals or if it is a dental emergency.

How Much to Get a Tooth Pulled in Mexico?

The High Prices in the US, Push Patients to Search for Alternatives

People from the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world come to Mexico to get dental procedures for a more affordable cost than they would get back in their hometowns.

So, they need to know what to do and how much it would cost before they come.

The price of tooth extraction in Mexico is more affordable compared with rates in the United States, so if you need the removal of your four wisdom molars, you can get a better price in Mexico.

If you think that you need them out, act quickly to avoid the more significant problem in the future.

Wisdom molars can cause tooth abscess, severe pain, and infections when they are coming right to impact the adjacent teeth.

But, on some occasions, wisdom molars can erupt in a right position, and you may keep them without any trouble.

To start, you will need some X-rays because a dentist will decide whether you need surgery to extract a tooth or not.

 Treatment Price List  Tijuana  USA
 Titanium Implant  $700  $2250
 Abutment Placement  $380  $1250
 Crown for Implant  $549  $2500
 Sinus Lift  $1100  $2290
 Bone Graft  $395  $895
 Tooth Extraction  $125  $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays  $75  $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants  $5999  $11500
 Root Canal  $300  $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post  $100  $265

What can I do Before a Tooth Extraction?

Before removals, it is essential to give your dentist any information linked to your health. Provide crucial details such as previous procedures, medical prescriptions, allergies, and diseases during your consultation.

There are not a lot of particular things you need to do before the removals. Sometimes when patients are coming from far away, they send some photos so the dentist can have an idea of what is going on in their mouths.

However, a dentist in Mexico will need to see you in person to examine you and take X-rays. Usually, a dentist can perform a tooth extraction during the first consultation.


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After You’ve Had a Tooth Pulled

Sometimes Wisdom Molars are Extra Teeth

The dentist will provide details of aftercare before you leave his office after your tooth removal. The probably will send you to the hotel room or your home, but he will tell you that you need to come with someone that helps you to drive home because you won’t be able to drive after the extraction.

Your dentist can prescribe some painkillers and antibiotics to reduce the pain and avoid infections. You can bite a clean gauze for around twenty minutes if you start to feel you are bleeding. You will need to replace it before it gets soaked with your blood.

If your face is swelling, you can use an ice pack. Leaving this ice bag for around 15 minutes in your face can help to release the pain and swelling. Plus, you will need to watch what you eat this means that you will need to eat soft foods only.

After the first 24 hours of your extraction, you can rinse your mouth with salty warm water. It is forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol before you heal, and keeping your teeth and tongue clean will be a must after a tooth extraction.

You can star bleeding after your tooth extraction following the surgery. Don’t worry because most of the times this bleeding is normal. Oozing, redness or bleeding in your saliva will be not uncommon. You can control excessive bleeding with a clean gauze biting it gently, repeating if necessary.

That is why you are not allowed to bite or chew any hard foods until your wound heal. To avoid bleeding and infections, you must follow the instructions of your dentist.

However, if you are following the instructions of your dentist and you still have excessive bleeding, you can call the dentist to ask him what to do in case you live far, far away from Mexico.

If you need an extraction, you need to start thinking about replacing the tooth that your dentist is going to remove. Dental implants in Mexico are quite popular and are also the best method to replace the loss of teeth. A dentist place implants through surgery in your jawbone. These implants are a metal post that will simulate the root of missing teeth to provide the support and functionality you need.

Of course, out there you can find other kinds of solutions for missing teeth, suck dental bridges and dentures. However, you need to keep in mind that these type of solutions aren’t the best ones. Cosmetic dentistry is available in Mexico to give your smile another chance restoring your teeth. Patients from around the world are coming to Mexico for implants because in their countries they can find only high prices.

Insurance companies don’t have coverage for dental implants. Patients must run will all charges, from consultations to surgeries, and in most cases, they can’t afford procedures like dental implants.

If you are ready to smile again, Mexico is waiting for you to provide you one of the best dental services in the world with the best prices.

You can always opt for doing nothing about the gaps missing teeth are going to leave in your mouth. However, when your dentist performs an extraction, that empty spaces will cause the melt of your bone and the shrink of your gums.

Missing teeth will lead to more significant problems that sometimes create difficulties to clean up the area leading to bone loss and tooth decay around the neighboring dental pieces.

The best you can do is start thinking about missing teeth solution to avoid successfully all kind of dental health problems that the loss of teeth can cause. Many patients don’t do it because it can be costly in their countries. Fortunately, you have Mexico as your primary option to choose a foreign dental office that helps you to restore your smile after tooth extraction with remarkable results.

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