Tijuana is the #1 Place to Travel for Affordable Dental Treatment

Tourists from the United States and Canada have realized that the city of Tijuana has transformed into one of the most amazing places to visit in Mexico.



Dental Tourism is a new fad that’s helping millions of people get high end dental work for a fraction of the price. Forget all the bad things you’ve heard about Mexico and prepare to be amazed on your dental vacation.

Tijuana has a population of over 1.3 million and is the 29th largest city in Latin America. It has everything going for it, including dental services at great rates. You could get your dental implants, crowns and cosmetic work done for half the price you might expect, and even be back in the United States the same day.

Tijuana is known for being the most visited border in the world. It’s located within a few minutes away from the San Diego Airport. It has top medical facilities and well-trained dentists with US-based education. The city offers diverse attractions, such as fancy restaurants, museums, a roaring nightlife, a beach, amongst others that will lead to a better medical and tourist experience.

This phenomenon is not new in Tijuana, hosting patients from all over the world since the 1950’s and before. It is still the status quo among American and Canadian patients due to rising dental costs.

Mexico is the Best Place for For Affordable & Quality Dental Treatment

Choosing a US Licensed dentist in Mexico is the first step to recover your smile

Three hundred thousand people make the American-Mexican crossing every day through the San Ysidro and Zona Otay border points. San Ysidro is twenty minutes from San Diego and three hours by freeway from Los Angeles. To save time, leave your car on the US side for $5 to $10 a day, and take a taxi to your nearby dental appointment. Alternatively, you could cross at Zona Otay in Tijuana (near the US Consulate) but be aware that it is the busiest entry point in the world. You can also choose to fly in through Tijuana International Airport (TIJ).

With this activity ahead of you it helps to plan. Your first step should be to obtain your US Passport Card that allows holders to enter Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean (but not by air). San Ysidro driving lanes can take anywhere between thirty minutes and three hours to get throug. If you don’t want to wait that long you can always consider using Zona Otay where you may find the driving easier, or even the neighbouring town of Tecate.

Most Mexicans that dental tourists make contact with in Tijuana speak English fluently, for it has been a compulsory school subject for ages. Many locals also get to practice it when they cross the border to go shopping in San Diego. More than a few dentists are American expatriates, or Mexican citizens who trained in America. In fact, chances are your dental service provider may have an American accent.

Dental Implants and dental treatment prices are some of the lowest not only in Mexico, but the world. Being so close to the United States, it allows for dental practices to maintain certain standards of quality that American and Canadian customers are used to, and in most cases, exceed them. So you don’t have to worry about the price by sacrificing quality, that’s just simply not the case in Tijuana.

Tijuana also has a ton of things to do while you stay, making this one of the most gratifying dental tourism experiences. Downtown Tijuana is a hip tourist destination in its own right, where the people love to dine and dance the night away. It has an active musical and arts culture, and benefits from fine shopping malls and some of the best hotels in the region – especially in Zona Centro along the Avenida Revolucion. Shops, bars and restaurants line eight whole city blocks, and at night the place really comes alive.

Zona Rio adjacent to Zona Centro is the Tijuana business center, where banks and corporates have their bases. Boulevard Agua Caliente is a legendary gastronomic corridor, and presents fine opportunities to explore local cuisine including tacos, tortillas and chile con carne. If that’s a little spicy for you, try taming it with a Caesar Salad. After all, Caesar Cardini was in Tijuana when he invented his famous blend of cos lettuce, olive oil and garlic, coddled egg yolks, Worcester sauce, parmesan and croutons that we enjoy everywhere today.

The small town of Los Algodones is located in the northernmost part of Mexico bumping up between Phoenix and San Diego. The city of Yuma AZ is seven miles away. The logistics of everything involved in visiting an Algodones dentist makes the experience highly efficient.

  • Los Algodones is easy to get to, just two exits from Yuma.
  • Parking is easy to get to, A huge secure parking lot butted right up against the international border operated by the Quechan Indian Nation is available. Parking is $5.
  • Every dentist is easy to get to. With a dentist at every door, almost, Any dentist in Algodones can be reached in less than ten minute walking from the border.
  • Good directions make dentists easy to get to, With your appointment confirmation you receive directions from Yuma to your designated dentist’s door.

The popularity of both inexpensive prescriptions and medical care catering to Canadian and U.S. senior citizens has prompted a virtual explosion of pharmacies, opticians and dental offices since the 1980s.

They have largely displaced many of the open-air shops and restaurants immediately across the border, and have effectively shifted the town’s focus from tourism to medicine. Nevertheless, a number of shops and restaurants remain, and Los Algodones capitalizes on the tourist trade with frequent fiestas throughout the year, most notably around the Christmas season.

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