Thousands of Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico for Dental Work

The Reason Why Americans are Getting Dental Work in Mexico

Comparing prices take you to know better about the affordable prices in Mexican dentistry, especially in extensive dental work such as dental implants and porcelain veneers.

The prices are indeed the main reason why Americans are coming to this country to get dental procedures.

Americans and people from other countries are coming to Mexico also to take advantage of the high-level dental procedures.

Millions of Americans don’t have access to proper private dental services due to a bunch of reasons. One of these reasons is because dentistry in the United States is expensive and they can’t always afford what they need.

An enormous percentage of Americans among the current population of the USA don’t even have access to the most necessary dental treatments such as regular check-ups with a dentist or dental cleanings.

And even when they have coverage from dental insurances, they still need to pay an extra, most of the times they need to cover more than 60% of the total amount because their insurance doesn’t have complete coverage when it comes for dental fillings for instance.

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Reasons Why Dental Work In Mexico Cost Less

Keep in mind that the average of prices in the USA for dental procedures, such as dental implants cost can easily be around USD 2,800 for a single tooth.

Comparing the price list in Mexico, you will see clear differences. Now, imagine that you need more than one implant, let’s say that you need a full mouth restoration and a sinus lift surgery, how much it can cost you in the United States?

People usually space out their dental needs in phases or can often negotiate the payment with their dental providers when they need more extensive dental work. But even doing it this way, they can’t always afford their treatments. Believe, in Germany, France, Canada or the United States dentistry is super expensive, and not all have access to it.

Plus, if they use their credit cards, the bills can represent debts with banks and high interests payments. Dentistry is costly, but not in Mexico where you can find proper dental care.

You might be thinking about what is the point of encouraging for proper dental care if it is too expensive. But, remember that dentistry in the United States is costly due to a lot of reasons that probably won’t change any minute now. So, you can wait, or you can start looking for different options.

When you already have a dental problem in your hands is more difficult to treat it, especially if you have severe damage and pain. Untreated cavities can cause a lot of damage when they get bigger. And it doesn’t matter how hard you brush your teeth every day; no one is safe from dental emergencies.

You can’t rely on brushing and mouth washing your teeth. Regular visits with a dentist help to prevent bigger problems. If brushing your teeth were enough probably dentist wouldn’t even exist. Of course that you are thinking that going to a dentist is expensive back in your hometown, especially if you don’t have dental insurance.

If you live far away from Mexico, obviously you can’t come every six months for regular teeth cleanings, even when cleanings are less expensive here in Mexico. But if you are near to the border with this country, you can take advantage of dental offices that are right crossing the border.

Teeth cleaning will provide major health to your gums, mouth tissues and your teeth. See the price list to have an idea of how much would it cost you consultations and cleaning in cities at the border with Mexico.

Dental cleanings in Mexico enhance your oral health and are part of oral care. Teeth cleanings in Mexico cost around USD 50 while in the United States a regular cleaning has a price of USD 145.

How to Save Money Coming to Mexico for Dental Work?

The High Prices in the US, Push Patients to Search for Alternatives

Many success stories are right now online. And if you pay attention you will see that regardless the expenses on airfare, food, and hotel reservations, you can save up more than USD 28,000 by coming to Mexico to get dental procedures such as dental implants, just check a price list comparing prices and you will see it.

All the expenses worth receiving one of the best dental treatments in the world, especially if you are having your vacations while you get your dental work.

A single implant in the USA can cost more than USD 2,800 and if you need along services with your implants such as bone graft, the price can increase even more.

Besides, you can schedule your trip so you can get better discounts with your fly company buying with a lot of time of anticipation. Plus, hot spots in many cities in Mexico where you can find the best dental offices can help you to get discounts on your hotel reservations.

A big part of employer-sponsored dental health programs doesn’t include many dental treatments, such as dental crowns. And when they do, often they obtain little advantages from it.

Let’s see a clear example; if you lost one of your teeth and you need a dental implant, you have tremendous possibilities that your dental insurance doesn’t have coverage for it.

 Treatment Price List  Tijuana  USA
 Titanium Implant  $700  $2250
 Abutment Placement  $380  $1250
 Crown for Implant  $549  $2500
 Sinus Lift  $1100  $2290
 Bone Graft  $395  $895
 Tooth Extraction  $125  $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays  $75  $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants  $5999  $11500
 Root Canal  $300  $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post  $100  $265


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One of the Most Popular Destinations for Dental Tourism

Mexico is popular among Europeans and Americans thanks to a bunch of things. It is the home country of great food, colorful streets, Frida Kahlo, amazing landscapes, and tequila. Sometimes, is best known for negative reasons, but there are more reasons to love Mexico than all the adverse factors.

This country is full of mystical environments, beautiful traditions, and delicious food. Currently and despite all the negative comments that some people may have, Mexico is one of the most beautiful nations in this world. Also is one of the tourist’s favorite countries for dental tourism.

Some other nations abroad like Thailand may have affordable prices on dental treatments too, but to Americans and Europeans, coming to Mexico is better for some reasons. In Mexico, they can find kid services, friendly people, affordable prices, and amazing quality dental treatments. Patients can find Dental offices with the state in the art technology and cutting-edge equipment.

Thousands of people are coming to Mexico to enjoy vacations while they have dental work. A lot of cities can provide the perfect holidays for these patients that are looking only the best in dental treatments.

Dental offices in Mexico have English speaking dentists and complete staff, have water filtration system, safety procedures, and dental specialist to provide one of the best dental services in the world. Take advantage of all these benefits today making one of your best decision ever by coming to see a dentist in Mexico.

Prevention is the Key to Keep your Teeth Healthy

Someone once said that the eyes are the window to our soul. However, if you pay attention and want to know something about anybody you can also check their smile. Our teeth can say a lot of us; for example, a welcoming pearly shining smile can make a remarkable first impression. A tight-lipped smile, on the other hand, can do the opposite, especially if the other person has bad breath.

Your smile says a lot about your habits and lifestyle that is why you need to keep it healthy. Teaching kids how to develop a proper dental hygiene routine and dental care habits can help them to improve their oral health. Plus, studies have revealed that if you take care of your teeth, you have big chances of keeping all your teeth when you older.

Having good dental habits can help you to avoid more significant dental problems in the future. Prevention can be the key to keep your teeth longer with you and also to save money. Dentists in Mexico encourage you to develop good dental care habits.

Besides the brushing and flossing that you need to do every single day at least twice a day, consider your regular visit to a dentist. These regular check-ups can be done twice a year or even more if you think that something is wrong with your teeth.

Oral health is important and nowadays is easier to get more information to keep teeth safe and healthy. A dentist in Mexico will always give you pieces of advice to take care of teeth providing great dental services for you and your family. Hundreds of dental offices in Mexico can offer traditional, cosmetic, and pediatric dental services at the same place.

Remember that dentists can detect dental problems in early stages when you visit regularly. Help kids to prevent cavities, remember that they are more vulnerable to get them.

Patients are often wondering if their oral health can affect self-esteem. Research is giving evidence that the health of our mouth can impact our self-confidence, well-being, and confidence.

Gum diseases and missing teeth have a tremendous bond with other health conditions, especially in our minds. The first thing other people see in us is our smile, and if we don’t feel comfortable with our teeth.

We tend to cover our mouths when speaking, eating our food, laughing, and smiling. Teeth that have a nice appearance provide a more positive state of mind. Beautiful teeth inspire more confidence to patients and help them with the emotional issues that they may have due to the look of their teeth.

Gums and teeth usually provide information about the state of your overall health identifying problems. Your teeth can give clear signs of poor oral hygiene. Some of these signs are bad breath, cavities, gum diseases, discolored and missing teeth. All these problems can put at risk your health having severe consequences.

With better oral care and proper dental treatments, you can achieve a better smile. You can start to feel better about your self-image today making a decision.

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