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You Can Get a Same Day Dental Crown In Mexico

You may need a dental crown due to a bunch of reasons. If you need one and you are planning to travel to Mexico for it, we recommend you to choose a dental office where dentists can provide you free mercury services.

Silver fillings and crowns are cheaper than porcelain that is for sure. But, dentistry in the United States is costly anyway. So if you are coming to Mexico to get affordable services, your best choice is to choose a material free of mercury. It would cost you less anyway, any dental treatment in Mexico is low-cost compared with prices in the United States.

Studies reveal that small amounts of mercury in dental crowns and filling can harm human. But, mercury is perhaps the most toxic substance for humans, why take the risk if you can find excellent prices in Mexico?

The mercury can travel through your teeth into the pulp when you have silver treatments (amalgams) and via bloodstream enter to the rest of your body and vital organs.

The best option when it comes to dental procedures is to choose a dental office that can be able to deliver dental services without using mercury. Holistic dentistry is available in Mexico, and you can take into account your overall health before getting a dental procedure.

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Do I Really Need a Crown?

Things to know about this treatment

Due to multiple reasons, the dentist can recommend dental crowns. You can expect excellent results after getting one or more. Here you can see few ideas why you may need dental crowns:

  • When you need to replace dental fillings, but you don’t have enough tooth left to achieve it. Dentists will recommend a dental crown instead.
  • To protect weak teeth from fracturing, chipping or cracking.
  • You may need one to restore a tooth that is already fractured.
  • Dentists use a dental crown to attach dental bridges.
  • A dentist uses dental crowns to cover dental implants.
  • Teeth with poor shape and size may need dental crowns.
  • Your dentist in Mexico can fix severely discolored teeth with crowns.
  • Dentists use dental crowns as a root canal.

You need to pay attention to the materials you are choosing, especially if you have children that need dental crowns. Don’t select silver crowns in little kids, even if the dentists are going to place them on their baby teeth.

Children can easily get cavities due to the intake of candies and sugary beverages. When they get them and suffer damage to baby teeth, some parents want to use amalgams because they are cheap options.

The Best Destination for Dentistry

Learn exactly what to expect during procedure

Mexico has become one of the most popular destinations to have vacations, but also to travel to get plastic surgeries, medical treatment, and dental procedures.

The main reason why patients from developed countries are choosing Mexico is thanks to the quality of private medical services and the low prices.

People from countries like Canada, the United States, Germany and even Japan are coming every year to get dental work in this country.

Cosmetic dentistry is quite popular in Mexico to patients that are looking for treatments like porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and dental implants.

Dental crowns are popular among abroad people because a lot of them can’t afford dental crowns in their countries. So they are coming to get fantastic procedures saving up to 80% of the total amount that they would pay in their hometowns.

Of course, they have other alternatives in their countries, but they can achieve the same results. For example, they can opt for dental crowns made of amalgams, but this isn’t safe to them since silver crowns contain mercury. Plus, silver crowns can’t look like natural teeth, with can affect the appearance of the patient.

In Mexico, people can get porcelain crowns on the same they of their dental appointment thanks to the dental technology available in Mexico. Despite that Mexico is a developing country, a lot of technology is helping Mexican dentists to perform treatments the same way dentists in Germany do.

What is the Cost of a Dental Crown in Mexico?

You can save up a 75% on dental crowns in Tijuana

The price can be an inhibitory factor for many people in the United States. The cost always depends on the materials to make the crown, and in Mexico, the cost differs significantly from Canada and US prices, $1,000 to USD 1,500 per tooth crown.

Your dentists in Mexico can help you offering affordable prices for you and fantastic quality. Also, some dental offices in Tijuana can provide shuttle services just to give you a better experience.

The city has international visitors every day due to the increase in dental and medical tourism.

The city is also a great choice to have family vacations. You can find the typical outdoor activities in Rosarito and Ensenada such as horse- riding, fishing, campaign, and surfing.

Just a fantastic way to relax after your dental procedures.

In Tijuana, you will find quality, technology, and professional dentistry. Dentist in Tijuana can provide an excellent dental work in no time. Make your decision today and begin to improve your smile.

 Treatment Price List  Tijuana  USA
 Titanium Implant  $700  $2250
 Abutment Placement  $380  $1250
 Crown for Implant  $549  $2500
 Sinus Lift  $1100  $2290
 Bone Graft  $395  $895
 Tooth Extraction  $125  $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays  $75  $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants  $5999  $11500
 Root Canal  $300  $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post  $100  $265


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After Care of Crowns

Things to know about this treatment

Take into account that once you get a dental crown, you will need to follow some instructions from your dentist to keep them longer.

A tooth with a crown doesn’t require any special treatment, but remember that only because your tooth has a dental cap doesn’t mean that it does not need protection. You still have a living tooth under that crown (unless you had a root canal before place it).

Plus, you need to avoid gum diseases and other mouth problems. Therefore, you need to provide continuous dental care and develop proper hygiene practices to keep a healthy mouth and keep your dental crowns with you for more time.

Crowns can last from five to fifteen years if you keep them safe and clean. Also, you can watch what you eat to avoid fractures in your dental caps. Of course, you can eat whatever you want, just be careful.

It is essential to follow the instructions of your dentist, so don’t leave his office until you have very clear what you need to do after the procedure. Probably is going to be a good idea not to bite so hard, don’t chew gum, hard candies or sticky food. Naturally, you must brush and floss your teeth every single day.

The Best Dental Technology in Mexico

Professional Dental Procedures

Since Mexico is a developing country is natural to some tourists believe that they can’t find excellent dental services in Mexico.

But they may be wrong about this. Standard dental treatments such as dental crowns can be done in one visit thanks to state of the art dental technology available in this country.

Dental offices in Mexico can deliver professional dental procedures with the help of cutting-edge equipment like Sirona technology that allows Mexican dentist to give faster results and remarkable results in one appointment.

Of course that this can depend on the needs of patients, but in most cases, patients can have their treatments in one day!

So if you are hesitating about coming to Mexico because you don’t know if Mexican dentistry can offer the best technology don’t doubt more. You can be sure that in this country you are going to find only the best dental procedure, affordable prices, and the state of the art technology.

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